Meet the King of Israel's Medical Marijuana Industry

There is a great deal of excitement when you see how much it helps people,' says CEO of Tikun Olam, Israel’s largest grower of prescription cannabis. Yet the unusual business is not without its challenges.

Aharon Lutzky has a long career in Israeli industry, one that is characteristic of many CEOs who grew up on kibbutzim – until personal circumstances introduced him to medical cannabis.

Lutzky grew up on Kibbutz Gvat in the north. When he was young he worked in the orchards, and after army service went to work in the kibbutz factory, Plastro Gvat, which made drip irrigation equipment – and advanced all the way to the post of CEO, in the years 1984 to 1992. Later Lutzky continued in plastics manufacturing and managed two other kibbutz plastics factories, Ginegar Plastic and Haogenplast.

But this ordinary careerpath took an unusual turn a few years ago when Lutzky’s son...

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