Marijuana users in Nunavik thinner, with less diabetes

Forget about weight watchers; new research out of Nunavik suggests the secret to a slim figure might be… marijuana.

Recently, researchers from Quebec looked into why levels of Type 2 diabetes were so low among Inuit.

Michel Lucas

Dr Michel Lucas is one of the co-authors of a study linking low body weight and marijuana use in Nunavik. (CBC)

The study, called "Cannabis use in relation to obesity and insulin resistance in the Inuit population," analysed health data from 786 adults in Nunavik, and the results took them by surprise.

"People who smoked marijuana had lower [body mass index], lower amounts of fat on their bodies, and two-times lower risk of being obese," said co-author Michel Lucas, an epidemiologist at CHU de Québec Research Center.

He says that because marijuana users had lower BMI, they were less resistant to insulin, therefore less at risk for diabetes.


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