P.E.I. RCMP continue cannabis investigation on farms

P.E.I. RCMP are working with local farmers and seed providers to remove hemp or marijuana from at least three farmers fields in the Travellers Rest area.

Over the last few days, Cannabis sativa, a crop that can be classified as either marijuana or hemp depending on the levels of tetrahydrocannibol (THC) found in it, was found in a number of fields, according to police.

They say the cannabis sativa hemp and marijuana look very similar, so it is necessary to run a lab analysis to determine which type of plant is in the fields. The testing is being done at a Health Canada facility.

RCMP say it could be weeks before the test results identify the plants.

Even if the substance is hemp, a licence is needed to grow it, so the crop must be removed.

In three of the fields where Cannabis sativa has been found, borage, a seed grown for its oil which also produces bright...

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