Alaska marijuana regulators consider ban on pot clubs

ANCHORAGE -- The Marijuana Control Board presented the final set of proposed regulations at a meeting Monday, a chapter some pro-pot advocates consider controversial because it includes an article banning marijuana social clubs.

“It was the campaign to regulate marijuana like alcohol so we’re taking a hard look at our alcohol rules and statutes and see whether or not they fit,” said Cynthia Franklin, director of the ABC Board.

The language is based on an alcohol regulation.

“It’s been a law for over 30 years, that someone cannot open a place for people to come together, drink and pay an entry fee, and not be a licensed liquor establishment, by virtue of inviting people from the public and pay a free to come and drink with them,” said Franklin.

The rule is meant to prevent businesses from circumventing licensing rules, but would not prevent marijuana bars in general from operating....

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