Cannabis: the limited health consequences

A US study suggests that marijuana use in adolescence does not cause health problems in adulthood. The work, however, have many limitations.

Cannabis is the subject of intense debate in many countries, including France. The question of legalization is at the heart of these. For several years in the US, states like Colorado, Alaska, Washington and Oregon in July, allow the recreational use of marijuana. However, numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the short and long term effects of this "soft drug" on health. But today, a study published in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors newspaper calls them into question.

These work by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center suggest that smoking cannabis in adolescence does not increase the risk of respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and psychotic disorders in adulthood.

Followed for two decades
To reach these conclusions, the team of Prof. Jordan Bechtold followed more than 400 men for twenty years....

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