Even legal, marijuana can be loaded with pesticides

One might think that the legalization of marijuana allows smokers (whether in a medical or recreational setting) to be safe and harmless. Well no, reports Wired site. Because even when the grass is legal, nobody knows if it has been sprayed with pesticides. Annoying when joints are smoked by sick people for therapeutic purposes ...

Indeed, cultivating cannabis plants is not the most obvious. It is appropriate for it to get rid of pests. Farmers are turning to pesticides. And that's where the trouble begins. First, be aware that in the US the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cannot report what pesticides are authorized or which ones are allowed for the cultivation of marijuana. Because growing marijuana is not legal at the federal level but only in a few states.

List of authorized pesticides
But it is not enough to legalize culture on the whole territory to end this confusion, since...

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