Researchers Find Connection Between Extreme Sports and Pot

Researchers in Marseilles, France have substantiated what we all suspected, cannabis use is strongly associated with the so-called sliding sports: surfing, windsurfing, skiing, sailing and of course, snowboarding. A lot of athletes that practice these sports may do it for the thrill, and cannabis can complement this feeling while simultaneously helping athletes focus.

Public health officials generally see non-medical cannabis use as purely recreational, but researchers at the University of the Mediterranean weren’t completely convinced. Their recent study, “Cannabis use to enhance sportive and non-sportive performances among French sport students” aimed to test the idea that cannabis can be used to manage anxiety and improve focus before a sporting event.

Many people in the booming cannabis culture in the United States have advocated the use of marijuana for “enhancement,” not just for having fun at the movies. Other studies have found that many people use cannabis in what they consider...

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