Martinique: the amazing journey of 400 kg of cannabis Norman

A cannabis resin seized on Monday made port in the Caribbean, on a container ship came from Havre, highlights some new practices of "commercial" traffickers.

INFO EUROPE 1 - This is the largest seizure ever made in the French West Indies: 404 kg of cannabis resin, almost half a ton. A big blow jointly carried out by the men of the Central Office for Narcotics of the central management of the PJ (OCRTIS) and the customs information (DNRED) in Fort-de-France, Martinique, on Monday, according to information from Europe 1. This will reveal some flow of drug trafficking in 2015: seizure of cannabis resin came from the metropolis. Yet a surprising trajectory that has a rational explanation.
404 kg in a Mercedes utility. The container holder in which these were loaded 404 kilograms, came to Le Havre in Normandy. It was carrying 600 cars to be imported to Martinique. It is...

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