Minnesota marijuana patients slapped with an easily avoidable price hike

Now that Minnesota's medical marijuana patients have gotten a taste of its fabulous product, MinnMed is raising prices across the board.

Minnesota Medical Solutions, one of the state’s two medical weed manufacturers, has jacked up prices by 15-20 percent on all its products, forcing chronically ill patients to head back to the streets to treat their pain.

MinnMed CEO Dr. Kyle Kingsley blames the hikes on a trifecta of problems. Not enough people are enrolled in Minnesota’s medical marijuana program, he says, and the majority of those registered qualify for medical assistance from the state, which gives them a 10-25 percent discount. Plus, MinnMed was the sole provider of expensive cannabis oil for the first three weeks after the program launch – while LeafLine Labs stuck to pills.

“[Cannabinoid oil] is really expensive to make, and most patients need an astronomical amount for it to be effective....

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