Marketing Comes to Marijuana

In November 2014, the family of late musician Bob Marley announced the launch of what it claimed would be the first global cannabis brand, Marley Natural. The brand plans to begin offering cannabis products, including heirloom strains, in 2015. Their press conference was a far cry from what marijuana advertising has been in the past—ranging between word of mouth and non-existent. Rather than hearing about new strains from shady characters and being forced through the charade of “for tobacco use only” products, legalization means cannabis marketing can finally come out of the shadows and into the fore. Just before Marley’s family made their announcement, two more states, Alaska and Oregon—as well as the District of Columbia—legalized recreational use for adults over the age of 21. But as Jeremy Carr, veteran of the Los Angeles dispensary business and mastermind behind the upcoming BlazeNow app, knows, being in on the ground floor of the new cannabis industry...

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