UK police finally wise up about cannabis, but only because they’re broke

Cuts, cannabis and clicktivism

As a government online petition takes off and austerity forces police to rethink their approach, is the UK drug debate finally catching up with the rest of the world? And could legalisation be in sight?

Since his release from prison in 1995 after masterminding Britain’s biggest cannabis distribution network, smuggler-turned-comedian Howard Marks has carried the torch for a common-sense approach to drug policy. Pushing for the full legalisation of marijuana, Marks ran for parliament twice, sparked a big protest spliff in a London police station and even applied to be Tony Blair’s ‘drugs czar’. After two decades of taking on the powers that be, Marks was able to demonstrate scant progress – in fact, during that time cannabis was upgraded from class C to class B.

But now, thanks to Alan Charles and...

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