Legalization Roundup: Who Will Legalize Cannabis First, Italy or the United Kingdom?

Cannabis is going global fast – Italy’s Parliament just voted for a legalized, regulated cannabis market, Denmark’s youth is consuming cannabis in droves but it’s no gateway, and the United Kingdom just reached a record high number of supporters for legalization in the isles. On this side of the pond, United States lawmakers are thinking ahead and making plans that could change the game completely. We’ve got the latest in cannabis legalization efforts:


U.S. Cannabis Updates


Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer isintroducing a revolutionary new bill that would expunge all federal marijuana-related convictions for those who are living in legal medical or recreational states. The Clean Slate for Marijuana Offenses Act of 2015 would ensure that all individuals that had been charged with a cannabis offense under federal law, but were acting lawfully in accordance with state laws, would have their records expunged. Rep. Blumenauer released a...

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