The changing face of marijuana

MADISON, Wis. -- Marijuana has been the talk of the nation for a while, it has made big strides in legalization for medical and recreational reasons. However, here at home, it still remains illegal--but it is changing. We investigated the changing face of marijuana and bring you the latest forms it comes in.

Weed is nothing new, but are you familiar with other THC products like Hashish and Hash Oil? It's a relatively new form of the drug that's morphing fast, and it shows that there is more to marijuana than your basic joint.

It's a drug of many names. "Wax," "Shatter," "Budder," "Crumble"-- all referring to a marijuana extract that Madison Police have been seeing since 2009. MPD Lieutenant Jason Freedman has been with the Dane county Narcotics Task Force for five and a half years. He says finding hash oil, is not unusual anymore.

"We don't...

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