Marijuana legalization popular with New Hampshire voters

Pot politics is heating up on the presidential campaign trail.

The majority of New Hampshire voters, including most independents, favor the legalization of recreational marijuana and decriminalization of pot, according to a new WMUR Granite State Poll from the University of New Hampshire Survey Center.

The early voting state is one of the most important for presidential candidates. So marijuana advocates hope the findings will encourage White House hopefuls to embrace their cause. 

"Younger voters and independents overwhelmingly support legalizing marijuana," said Tom Angell, Chairman of Marijuana Majority. "Candidates who want to win by appealing to these huge blocs of voters should come out in favor of ending prohibition before their opponents do. The first candidate to say publicly that he or she agrees with the majority of Americans, that it's time to legalize marijuana, is going to benefit enormously."

In New Hampshire, medical marijuana is legal, but the use...

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