In Denmark, Young People Choosing Marijuana over Drugs & Alcohol

The Danish National Institute of Public Health has released new figures showing that high school students are rejecting alcohol and hard drugs in favor of marijuana.

Over the past two decades, marijuana use among male high school students has almost doubled and use among female high school students has increased by half. In 1996, about one-in-four male teenage Danes (26 percent) had tried marijuana and about one-in-five female teenage Danes (19 percent) had tried marijuana. Today, half of all males (50 percent) and almost one-third of all females (31 percent) have tried marijuana.

Among the Danish teens, about one-in-eight (12 percent) report using marijuana in the past month. Over one-in-five males say they’ve used marijuana at least ten times. Overall, among all Danes of any age, over one-third (35.6 percent) say they have tried marijuana. That’s the greatest rate of marijuana experience among the entire European Union, even besting the...

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