Colorado Enacts New Labelling Rules for Marijuana Edibles After 19 Year Old 'Overdoses'

While 19 year old Levy Thamba Pongi (a student hailing from the Republic of Congo) may not have died directly from the ingestion of too much cannabis, it’s what happened after the drugs kicked in that is causing Colorado to reassess labelling procedures on the packaging of treats containing the recreational narcotic.  After being dissatisfied with the effects from part of a cookie made with marijuana, the Wyoming teen decided to ingest the whole thing, leading him to essentially ‘trip-out’ and jump off a fourth-story balcony.  The incident took place March of last year, however new details are emerging as the state scrambles to stop others from following in the late exchange student’s footsteps.

Levy ate the cookie after travelling to Denver, Colorado with a few college friends.  While in the marijuana dispensary, workers recommended that he only eat roughly one sixth of the edible – about 10 mg of THC, the psychoactive...

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