Why It's Hard to Find the Best Pot Stocks to Invest in Right Now

The growing, nationwide political climate is shifting in favor of marijuana legalization.

But finding the best pot stocks to invest in right now to capitalize on what promises to be explosive growth in the years to come is a conundrum.

And that's for one simple reason.

There's a difference between finding the best cannabis companies right now and finding the best pot stocks to invest in right now.

The most compelling companies currently in the space are not publicly traded.

The best opportunities are not those pot penny stocks that came about as a result of a reverse merger or as a self-underwritten public offering on over-the-counter markets. We already saw with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission crackdown last year that there was no shortage of shell companies looking to seize on the legalization efforts in Washington to orchestrate pump-and-dump schemes.

The truth is, if you want to strike...

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