Washington Medical Marijuana Clinics Spooked Over New Reporting Requirement

Washington state regulators are tightening their grip on medical marijuana this week by targeting dubious patient authorizations. But some clinics say the changes, which begin Friday, will put them out of business.

The new Cannabis Patient Protection Act requires any health care provider who authorizes more than 30 medical cannabis patients in a month to report to the Department of Health.

Amber Berman-Ortiz, co-owner of the Verde Medical Clinic in Seattle’s U-district, says authorizers don’t know what exactly the state plans to do with that information. She says her staff is spooked.

“Providers feel as if this is becoming a witch hunt. They don’t see that it’s worthwhile for them to continue to write authorizations when they have the Department of Health on their backs,” Berman-Ortiz says.

"No Liability If They Did Everything Right"

The Department of Health says businesses following the rules need not worry.

“There’s no...

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