Jamaican Growth Forum: Ganja is no silver bullet

Ras Iyah V, president of the Westmoreland Ganja Farmers' Association, says while a well-structured marijuana industry could be a major economic boost to a town like Savanna-la-Mar, ganja alone cannot turn around the fortunes of the town.

"No single industry can solve the problems we have in Savanna-la-Mar, but with an overall agricultural programme, herb is the easiest thing that our people can go into at the moment because we have everything to make this work," the Rastafarian elder said at The Gleaner's Job Creation, Investment and Growth Forum in the Westmoreland capital last week.

"Herb is big business, but there are different aspects of the herb business. To utilise it properly, you would have to understand it from a scientific point of view. If utilised effectively, it can help the economy, the economy will see some benefits, but it

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