Eustis family nursery seeks marijuana license

USTIS – After 41 years of cultivating lush, indoor tropical plants, the owners of Treadwell Nursery hope to make a dramatic turn to a new crop.

They now want to grow medical marijuana.

Glen and Sharon Treadwell and their three adult daughters appear to be what some lawmakers said they had in mind when they wrote the state's limited medical-marijuana law. The goal was to have old-Florida growers establish the industry.

"My sister Julie likes to say, 'If you'd have asked me if there would be aliens or if mom and dad would have considered growing cannabis, I would have bet on the aliens,'" said Jammie Treadwell of her religiously conservative parents.

Treadwell Nursery in Eustis, Florida

Glen Treadwell and Treadwell Nursery in Eustis have built a new greenhouse specifically to handle medical marijuana and filed a 400+ page application to

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