Watch the pot ad that got yanked off TV


It went up in a puff of smoke.

But you can see it here -- the first-ever recreational marijuana ad that was to air on U.S. television but got pulled on Monday night due to legal concerns.

The ad shows footage of young people partying in clubs and hiking up mountains.The ad for Neos, a provider of cannabis oil and vaporizers, was planned to be shown on KMGH, an ABC affiliate in Denver, where marijuana is legal for medical and recreational use.

"You lead an adventurous life, always finding new ways to relax," says the voicever. "Now enjoy the best effects and control with Neos portable vape pen and recreate discreetly this summer."

The spot ends with scenes of campers strumming a guitar and the tag line, "A bold new way to unwind. Neos, recreate responsibly."

The ad makes no mention of marijuana, and there are no...

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