Pesticides & Herbicides Are The Industry's New Problem, But Growers May Already Have a Solution

Marijuana’s prolonged illegal status continues to impede on the growth of the industry, even in states that have already legalized pot for recreational use, such as Washington and Colorado. Due to a lack of reliable research on the cultivation of marijuana crops, growers are struggling with which pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides to use without compromising the safety of a product many Americans use.

"We have an industry that's been illegal for so many years that there's no research. There's no guidelines. There's nothing," Frank Conrad, lab director for Colorado Green Lab, a pot-testing lab in Denver, told The Associated Press.

As you may know, pesticides in the United States are used as a plant regulator, defoliants, or desiccant. The pot industry’s demand for safe pesticides has increased as marijuana growth operations have moved from indoor warehouses to outdoor commercial fields. Unfortunately, horticulturists,...

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