Oregon Marijuana Advertising: The New Rules

Somebody once said that advertising is not necessary, unless you want to make money.

Like Washington and Colorado, Oregon will restrict advertising options for marijuana businesses. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) is currently writing advertising rules for Oregon’s recreational marijuana program. The new rules may be similar to the OLCC’s advertising regulations for liquor; or, they may be more like tobacco regulations, another smokable product. Draft rules should issue in late September.

Because marijuana is illegal at the federal level, there are no federal guidelines for OLCC on marijuana advertising, other than the Cole Memo directives to prevent “the distribution of marijuana to minors” and to prevent the “adverse public health consequences associated with marijuana use.” With so little guidance, the burden is on the OLCC to determine how restrictive its marijuana advertising rules will be. It’s safe to say that the rules won’t be as restrictive as the OLCC...

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