This Lawyer Wants to Help the Losers in the N.Y. Marijuana Sweepstakes

David Marquez likes representing the underdog. 

With 31 years as a foreclosure defense attorney under his belt, he says he's used to fighting “against the establishment.” But this summer he’s gearing his Long Island practice up for a completely new kind of legal battle. Any day now, the New York State Department of Health will select five companies out of the 43 hopefuls that applied for licenses to grow medical marijuana. That means “38 pissed-off companies” may have a bone to pick with the state. And Marquez wants to be their go-to lawyer.

With the licensing application costing, in some cases,upwards of a million dollars, he suspects losing companies may want to know why they haven’t been chosen. “Listen, If you believe you’ve been discriminated against in the licensing process, come see us,” Marquez says. 

Legal challenges to the license awards would not be unprecedented: Other states that...

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