Canada: Guelph's Marijuana party to enter federal election race

GUELPH — Provided he gets the signatures required for the nomination, Kornelis Klevering plans on running in this fall's federal election under the banner of the Marijuana party.

This will be a third attempt for Klevering, having also run in the 2008 and 2011 general elections.

Reached for an interview at the Guelph Lawn Bowling Club on Gordon Street Wednesday afternoon, Klevering said he felt the need to throw his hat into the ring once again — there are still a number of issues that need to come forward, he said.

As the name of the party suggests, the legalization of marijuana will be a main issue for Klevering.

"How can the cannabis and marijuana party not jump into a federal election when the issue's going to be about legalizing marijuana?" he said.

With Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party taking a pro-pot stance, he said it was important for...

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