Why medical marijuana is off to slow start in Minnesota

Only smoke-free medical marijuana, sold as pills, oils or tinctures, will be available for qualifying patients.

Jessica Blake has been battling a potentially deadly brain tumor for months. The former Esko high school teacher lives in Duluth, where her parents have moved in to help care for her.

It’s been tough lately. Blake can’t keep most medicine down, and the conventional drug she got from her doctor didn’t work.

“It actually gave me hallucinations,” she recalled. “It was terrifying. I don’t ever want to experience that again.” The hallucinations went on for two days.

“When Jessica said that was two lost days, that’s very difficult,” said her mother, Kathleen Blake. “Because she is not sure how much time she has.”

Jessica Blake and her parents want to try easing her symptoms with medical marijuana. But her doctor in Duluth won’t put her on the registry of patients approved for the...

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