Germany: Bremen's government wants to allow pot smoking

Carsten Sieling has just been  President of the Senate and Mayor of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen for a few days . But he already makes a nationwide sensation - he wants to legalize cannabis. The taxpayers' money.

The new President of the Senate, Carsten Sieling first time a mayor of Bremen has called for the legalization of the drug cannabis. It is undisputed that the criminalization of cannabis was no longer up to date, the SPD politician Sieling said. Alos, high costs would arise with the police and the prosecuting authorities. Therefore, decriminalization would save public money in the end.

Carsten Sieling, President of the Senate and Mayor of Bremer is sworn in to political officeOver the past few weeks, the new red-green Bremen Government had made with their plans for releasing cannabis over the country's borders. The government wants that the use of cannabis will no longer be...

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