Cannabis Semantics

Prohibition is based upon "Double Speak"

In scientific terms, the correct word is Cannabis. Sativa is simply Latin for 'cultivated': as in cannabis sativa (L). Using the terms marijuana, pot, marihuana or even hemp obscures the reality and taxonomical origins of the species.  Artificial divisions are created and thus maintained by the Ministry of Truth.

How often do we see in the mainstream media, "Hemp is a cousin to marijuana."  This is nonsense and it is deliberate deception.

Hops is a cousin to cannabis.  They are related to the Cannabaceae species. They do NOT interbreed. Distant cousins, at best.  The modern day "hemp" was bred in the mid 1970's in France as part of the drug war agenda.  It didn't just magically appear from some hidden low-THC underground bunker.  Nor was it bred for it's stellar performance as an industrial crop. Neither the fibre quality nor the seed quantityproduced was considered important... only the fact that it was low in THC. Ironically,...

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