Legalizing marijuana in Ohio would open the door to plenty of problems: the Rev. Thomas Haren

Guest columnist Fr. Thomas Haren was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Cleveland in 1973. Has served as a priest at six different parishes in Cuyahoga County. He is currently the pastor of St. Monica Church in Garfield Heights where he has served since 2005.

Just think, in a few months the use of marijuana may become legal in Ohio.  Did you ever think how this could affect our lives? For example, during the past 30 years we have demonized "smokers." Now we will have a new group to demonize – "pot heads."

   Won't it be wonderful to know that the "first responders" to handle crisis in our communities namely, our EMTs, police officers and firemen will possibly be more relaxed because of marijuana use when they come to our aid. It really makes one feel safer, doesn't it?

Imagine how this could affect our hospitals and medical personnel....

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