City of Sandy bans medical marijuana shops, angering would-be pot shop owner | Local ...

Sandy is banning medical marijuana shops even though voters narrowly approved allowing recreational use last year.

It's an admitted stall tactic that's making a would-be pot shop owner irate.

"I don't take no very well," said Matt Naegeli. "It's disheartening and it makes one question the democratic process."

Naegeli first tried to open up a medical marijuana dispensary in March of last year, but the city of Sandy had banned it saying that allowing it would violate the Controlled Substances Act.

On Tuesday, a day before Naegeli's lawsuit was set to be decided, the city overturned the ban, but then used a new state law to ban medical marijuana dispensaries.

"So it was a gamble, so this was a strategic move," said Mayor Bill King.

The city of Sandy is using recently passed House Bill 3400 to ban medical dispensaries and recreational shops until voters decide whether to...

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