Marijuana plant found in Swift Current flower planter

REGINA — Amid the flowers in a downtown Swift Current planter this week were buds of another kind.

On Monday, RCMP weeded a suspected marijuana plant from a flower pot in the 300 block of Central Avenue North.

Suspected, said City RCMP Staff Sgt. Gary Hodges, because “we didn’t send it away for analysis, nor are we going to.” But “it looked like it based on our experience.”

RCMP seized and disposed of the plant.

Hodges has “no clue” how it got there.

“There’s all kinds of speculation: Did somebody plant it there as a joke? I don’t know where the city gets their plants from — did somebody at the greenhouse nursery put it (there)? There’s numerous, millions of ways it could have got there.”

Tim Marcus can only speculate as to why there were pot leaves among the petunias.

“We’re pretty sure somebody was playing a prank and...

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