Calgary woman fights hospital policy denying daughter medical marijuana

CALGARY — A Calgary woman says the normal, happy life of her nine-year-old daughter is in jeopardy following a decision to discontinue the girl’s medicinal marijuana treatment.

Sarah Wilkinson says her daughter Mia suffered frequent, severe epileptic seizures throughout the early years of her life.

Wilkinson says the dozens of pills the little girl took on a daily basis did nothing for her condition but since a doctor put her on marijuana taken orally in oil form through a dropper, she hasn’t had a seizure in 18 months.

Recently, Wilkinson requested a renewal of Mia’s medical marijuana licence but the doctor at Alberta Children’s Hospital who had prescribed it in the first place now says he can no longer do so because of hospital policy.

Alberta Health Services says it does not support the prescription of medical marijuana for pediatric patients with epilepsy at this time.

AHS also says Health...

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