How we could harness medical marijuana for pain relief without the side effects

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Experts and society are divided on the benefits and subsequent legalisation of medical marijuana.

In North America alone there is deep division with half the statesand Canada legalising medical marijuana while the other half refuses. In the UK it is not legal to use medical marijuana, but ironically the UK is home to the most successful cannabis extract company in GW Pharmaceuticals, who have a product on the market that includes a mixture of cannabis extracts.  The success of the company and for the patients it treats strongly suggests the issue might need to be revisited, and at least more research performed on exploiting the possibilities.

Our own work in the area, including the most recent study, shows that there is a powerful argument for the potential of cannabis extracts.  We conducted a study which involved the testing of one of these extracts for the use of pain relief.  The impetus of our study was

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