Home Growing Flourishes in France, Europe's Cannabis Consumption Leader

While in Romania only 1.6% of the population consumes cannabis, in France 40.9% do so, more than in Denmark or Spain. And it’s no great mystery why: France, geographically, is a corridor for grass coming from North Africa and the rest of Europe. Moreover, home growing has recently increased considerably.


The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction recently published its annual report on the Continent's most consumed substances, concluding that cannabis is a plant in high demand among Europeans, with 78.9 million people recognizing having consumed it.

France is the Continental country with the most cannabis users. Specifically, 40.9% of the French ages 15 to 64 have tried marijuana, surpassing Denmark (with 35.6% of its population) and Spain (at 30.4%) - third in the ranking - and the Netherlands (25.7%). Meanwhile, Bulgaria (7.5%), Malta (4.3%) and Romania (1.6%) are the countries with the fewest consumers.


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