ABcann Medicinals Receives Full Facility Approval from Health Canada

 On July 10, 2015 ABcann Medicinals received its full facility approval from Health Canada. Through this approval, ABcann will now be able to flower the plants they currently have growing and put it through the necessary testing prior to sale.

"Full room approval has been provided and dictates that all bloom rooms, growth chambers, vegetation room, clean/general horticulture rooms, processing and drying areas, as well as ABcann's in house laboratory, have been given Health Canada's blessing to commence full production activities," says Tim Humberstone, Senior Person In-Charge at ABcann.

ABcann has been preparing for this approval for many months and is very excited to be able to grow in every room at the facility. ABcann's production cycle began in January 2015 with the planting of the first set of seeds and has been waiting since to further the growth process for their overall goal of standardization. When asked about ABcann's...

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