Norway sees first synthetic cannabis death

A 22-year-old Norwegian man has died from synthetic marijuana use, making him the first known Norwegian victim of the drug.

Egil André Kvelstad Myhre from Namsos in Norway died the day after a party in March, but was only proven to have died as a result of the drug by a recently completed autopsy. 

So-called synthetic marijuana is produced by spraying psychoactive chemicals onto plant matter that can then be smoked or eaten by users.

“One of the biggest problems with the new synthetic drugs is that we don’t know what they contain or how strong they are,” Andreas Westin, Senior Physician  at St. Olav's Hospital, told Norway’s Aftenposten newspaper. "New drugs enter the market every week." 

The use of synthetic marijuana is on the rise in the US, with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reporting a threefold increase in deaths and poisonings related to the drug in the last year. 


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