I can get arrested for that? Some acts that could get you in hot water overseas

Thinking of going to Amsterdam to get stoned? Think again. While "coffee shops" still sell all manner of legal ways to get ripped, the law was changed two years ago so that only residents of the Netherlands can legally purchase marijuana in these cafes.

How about feeding pigeons in San Francisco or carrying your shopping in a plastic bag in Rwanda? Sounds harmless but both those acts are actually prohibited.

In Florence, Italy, it is an offence to sit and eat on the steps of major churches and public buildings. 

With Australian Jodi Magi in jail in the United Arab Emirates "for writing bad words on social media", it is worthwhile considering what you think you might be able to do while overseas. Some simple acts could actually land you with a fine - or worse.

Assistance given to Australians involved in criminal proceedings overseas made up 10 per cent of all consular...

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