US ambassador to Costa Rica talks marijuana legalization, trade US Foreign Policy

It took exactly one year between the day U.S. Ambassador Stafford Fitzgerald Haney was nominated in July, 2014 and the day he presented his credentials to President Luis Guillermo Solís. Haney’s arrival marked the end of a two-year absence of a U.S. ambassador in Costa Rica after former Ambassador Anne S. Andrew stepped down in 2013.

The Tico Times sat down with Haney at the U.S. Embassy in San José last week to hear his thoughts on U.S. foreign investment, foreign policy, Costa Rica’s leadership role in the region, and the possibility of medical marijuana legalization here.

A Nashville, Tennessee native, Haney grew up outside Chicago in Naperville, Illinois. He and his wife Andrea Haney lived in Englewood, New Jersey, with their four children before moving to Costa Rica in July. Haney has worked in Mexico, Brazil, Israel and Puerto Rico during his career, among other places.

Most recently, Haney...

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