Legal Highs: Welcome to the Cannabis Revolution

Ms Zeng speaks quietly, almost in a whisper, with a strong Chinese accent. How long have you been having trouble sleeping, she asks her customer.

Maybe a few weeks, he replies. Ms Zeng asks if he feels that cannabis helps him fall asleep. "Definitely," he replies. The non-medical practitioner then gives him what she gives all her patients, regardless of their symptoms: a prescription for medical marijuana.

A prescription issued by Ms Zeng allows a patient to obtain medical cannabis in any form at the Canna Clinic, Canada's leading provider of medical cannabis products and accessories. Behind the counter are jars filled with dark-green bundles of various strains of marijuana, from "B52" to "Afghan Kush" and "BC Bud." Cannabis cookies are also on display, along with cannabis-infused honey. Today's special is pre-rolled joints and cannabis chocolates for $2 (€1.8) a piece.

In Vancouver, British Columbia, anyone who submits to a

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