France: Are clothes decorated in cannabis herb banned?

Some traders in Draguignan were surprised. Part of their clothing stock has been withdrawn from sale. Clothes that had something in common: cannabis leaf as a motif. Cannabis is banned from sale and its representation on clothes as well.

An operation conducted by the police with the prosecutor of Draguignan has denounced this trivialization. While cannabis leaves are a very fashionable style, they are also prohibited by law. The product is a prohibited narcotic.
A trivialization which can have an expensive cost. The penalty for this offense is up to 5 years imprisonment and a 75,000 euro fine

Three vendors were pinned and 200 articles of clothing were withdrawn from sale.

What does the law say? Can I wear such clothes?

Whatever the chosen support (clothes, jewelry, books, etc.), advertising, incitement or presentation in a favorable light of products classified as drugs is punished. Even if the incentive has...

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