Poland's first Medical Marijuana study - the majority of Poles are in favor

Medical Marijuana. Two-thirds of respondents want medical marijuana allowed in Poland - the results of a special survey carried out on behalf of PBS Radio TOK FM, Wyborcza.pl and the Foundation Step By Step. This is the first such study in our country.

In the survey, 42 percent. of respondents said they use marijuana or products derived therefrom in Polish medicine and should be allowed, but only in accordance with medical indications. Another 26 per cent consider that such treatment should be available without restriction.

Currently in Poland, almost all forms of medical marijuana are illegal. To take them, you have to have a national consultant and the Ministry of Health's permission to import for a specific person. 18 percent of respondents want to maintain the status quo, 14 percent expressed no opinion on the subject.

Medical Marijuana: arguments "for" and "against"

According to 69 percent of respondents receiving medical marijuana treatment options is...

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