My Step-Brother Has Taken My Daughter and Kansas Is Helping Him Keep Her

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Ellis County, Kansas (TFC– Ellis County, Kansas Helps City of Hays Police Officer Facilitate Kidnapping of Young Girl from Her Arizona Mother.




“The most important part of my life is my daughter. All I have ever wanted is to make sure she has a good life, good lessons,  access to the world as she needs and wants and to be there for her as long as possible”.IMG_9447

Amber Ostrom is like most single mothers.  She balances family, home and work as best she can and as hard as she can and, approaches every day with the care of her daughter, Georgia, first on her mind.  After all that is what single parents do right?  During my multiple interviews of her I learned that she just wants what we all want: a secure, simple, stable, loving and happy life for her...

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