Stoned Immaculate on Medicinal Marijuana for a Better Life

It all began when Yali was just four months old. The tiny boy squirmed with pain as his muscles went into spasm.

He suffered the epileptic fits for years—sometimes several times a day—and was forced to wear a crash helmet to stop him from injuring himself.

His parents were in a constant state of worry and his two brothers felt neglected. “The illness took over our entire life,” says his mother, Yael Bracha.

Today, Yali is seven years old and no longer suffers the epileptic fits that tortured him for so long. His family says that’s thanks to a drug that is illegal in many parts of the world: cannabis, or marijuana.

Since Yali began taking drops three times day which contain the active ingredients tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), he has stopped having his fits, his mother says.

There are many myths about the medical properties of cannabis, as...

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