Legalization of cannabis: France must follow the Oregon Trail

An example to follow for France? Since Wednesday, the recreational use of cannabis is legal in Oregon (State northwestern United States), voters approved the referendum in Novembre. Anyone over 21 years can consume in a private place and hold 8 ounces (227 grams) and four plants at home, or walk with 28 grams.

But not buy: the first sales establishments for recreational use should emerge end of 2016 (300 already exists for therapeutic sale).

With us, there is nothing like that: you can always take in theory a year in prison for narcotics use, crime for which more than 150,000 people are arrested each year - we complained under Sarkozy, but it increases in Holland. Draconian policy, unfair, costly and inefficient. The repression is useless, but how long will France's ostrich policy be able to continue? If the United States, engine of the "war on drugs" for forty-five years, change...

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