There is no CannaCamp: Pot-friendly resort is homeless after ranch’s sale

If you’re wondering what kind of company announces its weed-friendly, all-inclusive ranch resort to the general public — Jimmy Fallon included — before securing an actual ranch property, allow us to introduce you to the Mary Jane Group.

The Mary Jane Group is the entity behind CannaCamp, the southwestern Colorado ranch resort that boasted of its scenic cabins and 170 acres of wilderness three weeks ago. The story had legs: People know that the American West is proud of its ranch heritage, and they also know that much of the American West has a newly legal crop that has placed Colorado, Washington and Oregon in the international spotlight.

Even though you could only smoke your legal cannabis outdoors and on the front porch of your cabin — and the resort touted rates that started at $395 per night with a three-night minimum — people loved the story of...

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