The Sale in France of the first Medical Cannabis is Suspended

Sativex, the first cannabis-based medicinal product authorized in France, might ultimately never happen in pharmacies. The explanation? After months of negotiation, Almirall, the laboratory which markets Sativex in Europe, and the Economic Committee for Health Products (CEPS), the body that sets the price of medicines, are not able to agree. The first proposes to sell Sativex Box 350 euros, 20% less than the average price in Europe. The second did not offer him more than 60 euros. "This is unacceptable: this would sell at a loss! "Growls Christophe Vandeputte, director of Almirall in France, which now wants to go to " political arbitration ".

What embarrass the minister of health, who is very involved in this issue is that in June 2013, Marisol Touraine had amended the Public Health Code so that medicines derived from cannabis can seek marketing authorization (MA) to the National Security Agency drug (MSNA). It thus...

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