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Cannabis: The Comeback of a Banned Medicine Pt 2

Chemist Markus Lüdi is Switzerland’s only producer of a natural tincture made from cannabis. In his laboratory in Burgdorf in canton Bern he demonstrates how a liquid drug can be produced from cannabis flowers.

Lüdi has a special permit from the Federal Office of Public Health. All structures involved with cannabis have to meet safety and security criteria, and the whole production is subject to rigorous controls. And so it should be, Lüdi says. He shakes his head, though, when he talks about the amount of bureaucracy involved. Growing the mother plant, starting a new plantation, getting rid of vegetable residue at the end of the harvest – for every phase in production he has to make a special application.

The requirement for permits, he realises, protects him from anyone else trying to do the same thing. He started working on cannabis “because of an ideal”, he says. “This is...

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