5 Ways to Protect Your Marijuana Brand

As the legalized marijuana industry booms, entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly mindful of the need to protect intellectual property. The fact that cannabis is a Schedule I substance, however, complicates the situation and calls for some creative solutions. On June 25, SmithAmundsen attorneys Connie Lindman and Kelly Smith hosted a webinar in which they explored intellectual property issues in the medical cannabis industry.

Intellectual property protection comes from five basic sources:

  • Federal patent law protects unique inventions or processes, including business methods;
  • Federal copyright law protects original creative works, such as literature, design, computer code and music, and may also apply to advertising campaigns with an extended narrative line;
  • Trademark law, which exists in federal, state and common law varieties, covers names, logos, hashtags, and the general appearance of a product;
  • Trade secrets law is generally a matter of state statute and protects secret formulas or processes that
  • ...
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