Singapore: Cannabis users buck profile of addicts, see drug as harmless

Like many of their peers, they think drug use is fine so long as consumed in moderation

SINGAPORE — In school, they were students who attended classes diligently and did not have any disciplinary issues. At home, they had good family support and none of their family members had a record of criminal or drug offences, nor did they drink or smoke.

Yet they later became users of cannabis, and like many of their peers, believed the use of drugs — especially cannabis — was fine so long as one consumed it in moderation. And social media and celebrities were influences on them to try drugs.

These are among the findings of a study commissioned by the Task Force on Youths and Drugs, conducted from December last year to April. The study comprised a questionnaire, interviews, and focus group discussions involving 700 participants — 237 abusers and 463 non-abusers —...

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