Hope, anger and confusion in Minnesota as medical marijuana launch nears

On Wednesday, Minnesota steps into the strange new world of the marijuana business.

Never mind that the federal government says marijuana is as dangerous as heroin, putting both in the Schedule 1 category of controlled substances. Starting Wednesday, pot pills will go on sale as medical marijuana.

“I must say this is really very odd. We are talking about a Schedule 1 drug,” said Beth Hundley of Golden Valley, who will be buying the marijuana for her epileptic 3-year-old daughter.

The little pills contain more uncertainty than any medicine has before it.

They can’t be made by big companies, which won’t touch an illegal drug — so Minnesota has licensed two home-grown startups to do it.

They are not covered by health insurance. Doctors won’t prescribe them, and pharmacies can’t sell them — so they require their own separate stores.

They even have...

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